Inch Loss Treatment

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Fat is an essential component of our body. It must be considered as reserve of energy which our body needs to manage its basic functions. However we are more and more concerned by the dangers and aesthetic issues that the excess of fat represents.

Several techniques have grown from this demand, but as of today no one gives full satisfaction to end users or operators expectations. The only natural and non invasive to slim on demand is to enhance LIPOLYSIS process. Apart from healthy nutrition and physical exercise, we don’t know any other technique which enables this natural way to combine our stored fat into pure energy. For sure a healthier diet or lifestyle will help to achieve global fat loss... but how to target any kind of localized fat (cellulite , subcutaneous & visceral)?

What is Lipolysis?

To understand the principle of lipolysis let us understand the fat cell distribution in the body . At birth a child has 5 million fat cells from there on as it grows the size of the fat cell increase and after a certain stage the number of fat cell multiplies. It is also possible the one person can possess more fat cells around certain parts of the body. This can affect the look between different people. For example, if one managed to reduce her fat percentage to 10% but had a high number of fat cells around the stomach then she may look fatter compared to a friend with 15% body fat who has a more even distribution of fat cells over the body . In this case how would the person who has more number of fat cells around the stomach look thinner???

This is Where Lipolysis Comes in Use

Lipolysis is the breakdown of Triglycerides contained in our fat cells (adipocytes) into FFA and Glycerol, source of energy. It was found that after 10 min’s of ultrasonication  a natural hormone noradrenaline was released from the localized fat area through a specific stimulation of sympathetic nerve terminals which then breaks the body fat cells into free fatty acids(FFA) and glycerol . Once FFA and glycerol are released into blood stream , they have to be burned. If not this energy will be re-synthesized into fat by homeostasis principle. Local fat loss (Non Surgical Spot Reduction) is observed if the released free fatty acids are burnt (in the form of energy within 45 min’s of the therapy.



This localised stimulation bypasses our central nervous system hence there is no rebound effect and long lasting results are guaranteed, This kind of therapy is effective locally and on all kinds of fat ( cellulite , subcutaneous and visceral fat).